How to make PowerPoint slides with Font Awesome icons

Do you want to improve the graphical look of your power point presentations?  For a very modern up-to-date look and feel, use Font Awesome Icons in your slide presentation.   Web developers are using Font Awesome Icons more and more in very creative ways.  Every few months, brand new icons are released and made available, all for free.

To avoid committing the crime of making a “Slid-U-Ment”  (a slide with enough words to fill a page of a word document) bring some color and graphics easily with out needing help from a graphics designer.

Font Awesome is currently at version 4.2 and has nearly 500 icons.  The new release added 40 new icons, here is a sample.font-awesome4.2

Resources if you want specific sizes and colors

Font to PNG file converter :


For those who want premade graphics

font-awesome-iconsPre made graphics (limited to older version):

For Web Developers

When discussing presentations, I would remiss to not mention this excellent set of rules from Guy Kawasaki
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