Concur vs Expensify: Submit your expense report before you return from a trip.

Sometimes the most satisfying part of a long day of travel is scanning that last receipt from the airport parking garage and hitting the submit button before exiting the airport. Read more at ned.sudduth.orgmobile-expenses

Not too long ago we all had to gather receipts and fill out complicated excel expense report spreadsheets, print them out, sign them and route them up the chain of command for approval.

expense-reportA few years ago, my company paid for Concur expense report management software.   It had a nice mobile app with corporate policies applied.   It was a big step forward, but it will still hard to use and rather expensive.

Then Expensify came along with a free version that scanned your receipts and auto populated all the normal fields like vendor, date, price, etc.

That auto-scanning feature was a game changer.

The Free package gives each user 10 free SmartScans per month.  This is perfect for those that travel about once a month.  We used this for a while, but it did not have any corporate policy or software integration ability.  Now we have the $9 per user plan for frequent expensifytravelers.

Independent contractors might benefit from the $5 per month plan which includes an invoicing feature.


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