Activate Low Power Mode in iOS 9 to Extend Battery Life

If you wish to extend your iPhone’s battery life, you can enable Low Power Mode under Settings > Battery. In Low Power Mode, iOS conserves the battery by enabling energy-saving measures.  The mode automatically disables after charging for a while. Here are some things the new mode will do:

  • Reduce CPU and GPU performance

  • Pause discretionary and background activities, including networking

  • Reduce screen brightness

  • Reduce the timeout for auto-locking the device

  • Disable Mail fetch, motion effects and animated wallpapers

How to activate the Low Power Mode

Go to Settings, scroll down to the new app called Battery.

iphone 6 battery saving mode.9

Enable the toggle for Low Power Mode

iphone 6 battery saving mode7

Your Battery icon will now be Orange in color indicating success

iphone 6 battery saving mode



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