Elgato Eve Weather and Apple TV HomeKit Integration

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The Internet of Things has finally arrived at my home.

I have a 3rd Generation Apple TV which is compatible with Apple’s emerging HomeKit ecosphere of home homekit-hero_2xautomation.   As of right now, there are exactly five device manufactures that support HomeKit and a total of exactly 15 compatible ‘things’ that are available to purchase.   With not much to pick from, I selected an outdoor weather sensor to be my first cloud controlled home automation toy.  It is the Elgato Eve Weather sensor and costs $50 from Amazon.Apple-TV-HomeKit-Elgato-Eve-Weather3

Only devices that are labeled “Works with Apple HomeKit” will work and requires the third generation Apple TV (2012) using version 7+ of the firmware.ios-badge-works-with-apple-homekit

elgago-eve-weather-apple-homekit-bluetooth-icloudThe Eve Weather sensor set up is easy, just follow the simple instructions and download the app.  Be ready to change the batteries every 3 months.  Oddly, when you are in range, it uses bluetooth to connect your phone to the sensor to get the current temperature.  When you are away from home it uses iCloud HomeKit syncing to bring you the live temperature of your yard, sometimes (see below)

Using the Eve App

The Eve family of HomeKit accessories gathers data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy consumption and more.  In my case, only temperature, humidity and air pressure.  With HomeKit technology, all data is transferred and stored with end-to-end encryption, meaning that nobody but you can access it. The Eve app does not bug you to create accounts or log into any additional services since it uses your iCloud account for remote access.

Here are a couple of screen captures of my back yard data.  What I most appreciate is the historical data logging and the notation of the daily high and low temps.




Sync Problems with Eve or HomeKit?

Now for the bad news.  Connectivity is very unreliable while away from home.  I am still trying to figure out the cause.  Is it because my Apple TV is not always on – or goes to sleep?   Is it because the sensor is just out of range (too far from the TV).  While it uses the Apple TV, the Apple TV user interface has no indication that HomeKit is in use.  There is no app on the TV for the weather sensor, etc.   The Apple TV does have bluetooth, originally intended for use with a keyboard and is apparently always on.  Next week, Apple is expected to announce a new version of the Apple TV and presumably new version of software.  Hopefully that will allow it bit more transparency about the status of HomeKit.

Below are a few screenshot examples of the app not updating while away from home.

Eve weather home kit no data for one hour via iCloud

Eve weather unreachable

Apple TV HomeKit Eve Weather Unboxing Photos

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