Review of Google OnHub WiFi router with AC and 13 Antennas by TP-LINK

AC WiFi Protocol Support Means Fast Speeds For Multiple Users

OnHub-Smart-Router-450x442Google’s OnHub Home WiFi router is priced at $199.99 and comes with two color options, dark blue and black.   I actually painted mine white since it is mounted high up on the wall for good signal coverage.  Painting is easy since you can remove the outer plastic shell and safely spray paint it to match the installation location.

Router manufacturers are starting to design their devices to actually be attractive so people will leave them in plain sight in a central location.  Most WiFi signal issues are due to people installing the router inside a cabinet or on the floor, hidden and out of the way.  These new designs are intended to solve some of these issues.

I am paying Comcast $70 per month for 75 Gbps speeds, but I routinely get 85 to 90 Gbps over WiFi.  My old WiFi router was 2.4 Gigahertz and limited the effective speeds to about 30 Gbps.   The Google OnHub allowed me to take full advantage of the speeds I am paying for.

OnHub has 13 antennas. Some are 5G and some are 2.4G all with one single SSID.  The antennas are set in a unique circular pattern that extends optimal Wi-Fi coverage across multiple directions throughout your home. That means you’ll benefit from faster, more stable connections in the house.

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WiFi Router Management Mobile App

My most favorite Google OnHub feature is that I can manage the Router with a handy mobile application, even from remote locations.  This allows me to monitor the connection, add users, conduct on device speed tests, etc.


Historical Data Speeds


Network Testing

OnHub regularly performs a Network Check to evaluate the speed of the connection between your devices and the speed delivered by your Internet service provider. This helps you quickly identify anything that might be slowing down your Wi-Fi network.


Easy Guest WiFi Set up

GoogleOnHubWiFiRouterGuestWifiSetup GoogleOnHubWiFiRouterguestnetwork

Monitor Total Data Usage

During the last six months I have been monitoring my total family data usage and can see with device uses the most data.  Until recently Comcast had a 300 Gigs per month data usage limitation and my family was just under an average of 250 each month.  Comcast just announced a one Terabyte limit, but that will be consumed by 4K video in coming years.



Apple TV is the biggest data hog in my house

GoogleOnHubWiFiRouterAppleTVusage GoogleOnHubWiFiRouter

OnHub now supports IFTTT

Keep track of your loved ones by receiving automatic notifications when a mobile device connects or disconnects from your OnHub network. Prioritize certain devices whenever they connect, to ensure your most important tasks get the Wi-Fi they need. And since OnHub supports up to 100+ devices at a time, such as speakers, phones, tablets, lights, Chromecasts, and Nest thermostats, you can create Recipes to control these devices and seamlessly connect them to the hundreds of products and services that support IFTTT.


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