Apple’s iOS 9.3 now supports Verizon Wi-Fi Calling

Read more at UPDATE:  9.3 is now available for everyone. Apple’s current iOS 9.3 public beta release supports Verizon’s Wi-Fi calling. You can get it now and avoid waiting for the general release.  Apple now allows anyone to sign up for their Public Beta program and it only takes 3 minutes to sign up, then […]


How to avoid excess mobile data charges in your iPhone

Turn Wi-Fi Assist off in 4 easy steps The new release of Apple’s iOS version 9 included many very cool new features and improvements.  Unfortunately, it also included one new feature that was defaulted to ON on all new phones and upgraded devices.   It is so bad that Apple is being hit with a lawsuit […]


Font Awesome to PNG Application for MacBook

Now you can Create PNG files from the Font Awesome icon library instantly, offline and natively on your macbook!  The app is called Font Awesome to PNG and is available in the Apple Mac App store for $2.99.   I bought it today and used it to make 3 icons for a project I am […]


Activate Low Power Mode in iOS 9 to Extend Battery Life

If you wish to extend your iPhone’s battery life, you can enable Low Power Mode under Settings > Battery. In Low Power Mode, iOS conserves the battery by enabling energy-saving measures.  The mode automatically disables after charging for a while. Here are some things the new mode will do: Reduce CPU and GPU performance Pause discretionary and […]


Elgato Eve Weather and Apple TV HomeKit Integration

Read more at The Internet of Things has finally arrived at my home. I have a 3rd Generation Apple TV which is compatible with Apple’s emerging HomeKit ecosphere of home automation.   As of right now, there are exactly five device manufactures that support HomeKit and a total of exactly 15 compatible ‘things’ that are available to purchase. […]


Use your iPad or MacBook as a speakerphone with your iPhone.

As a frequent business traveler, I have been thinking about getting a portable bluetooth speakerphone that I can use in hotel rooms for conference calls.  When I heard about the Yosemite ‘calling’ feature, I decided to wait and try it out.  Read more at  According to Apple, you can use your laptop as a speaker […]